Achieved Results and INESS Deliverables open to public

INESS Deliverables open to public

Business Model (Leader: DB)

Summary on value chain mapping of interlocking systems
PDF - 361 kb
Report on Life Cycle based cost model for interlocking systems
PDF - 176.8 kb
Summary on classification scheme for line categories
PDF - 103.6 kb
Report on market specific cost drivers
PDF - 646 kb
Report on cost saving potential of standards in the interlocking life cycle
Specification of business model(s)
Report on applicability of business model and future cooperation perspectives

System Design (Leader: Bombardier)

Report on data model definition, needed adaptions and applicabililty

Generic Requirements (Leader: ProRail)

Signaling Glossary
PDF - 121.7 kb
Requirements expression document
PDF - 611.8 kb
Requirements interface definition document
PDF - 523.1 kb
Catalogue of commands and statuses
PDF - 110.9 kb
Report on translation of requirements from text to UML
PDF - 302.4 kb
Guideline which clarifies the relationship between the deliverables D.2
Report on experience with ERTMS installations
Documented strategy for Verification and Validation
PDF - 750.3 kb
Documented methods for expressing test cases in UML
PDF - 174.3 kb
Generic test cases
Report to assist requirements’ review and document methods and tools used
Methodology for invariants derivation in a formal format
PDF - 300.4 kb
Prototype of a tool for the verification of invariants in a formal format
PDF - 1009.5 kb
Documented verification of the model invariants in a formal format

Functional Architecture and Interfaces (Leader: Trafikverket)

Safety constraints from the interfaces point of view
PDF - 908.1 kb
Report on the information collected from various railways and/or suppliers about the ETCS
PDF - 5.2 Mb
Report on the current information Migration and fall back strategies
PDF - 4.1 Mb
Propose one or several harmonised structure(s)
PDF - 602 kb
Final Report of trackside migration strategies from Task E.4.2
Final Report of fallback possibilities and benefits from Task E.4.3

Testing and Commissioning (Leader: Network Rail)

General model and preliminary Template
PDF - 56.2 kb
Test and Commissioning methods and tools recommendation Handbook

Safety Case Process (Leaders: Funkwerk/ TUBS)

Normative Safety Case Process Analysis
PDF - 270.1 kb
Definition of long term goals
PDF - 531.3 kb
Definition of short term goals
PDF - 420.9 kb
Cost Reduction Potentials for the improved Safety Case Process
PDF - 335.3 kb
Process Description analysis report
PDF - 291.3 kb
Software Requirements Specification Description Analysis Report
PDF - 537.8 kb
Specification of the Improved Safety Case Process
PDF - 402.7 kb
Specification of tools
PDF - 632.4 kb
Developed tool
Evaluation Report
Information material and questionnaire
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